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Bonkas (Bonkas Mix) - EJ Doubell - Fist First

Label: Torture Garden Records - TGCD02 • Series: Fist • Format: CD Compilation, Mixed • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: Hard House, Hardcore, Techno, Hard Trance
Download Bonkas (Bonkas Mix) - EJ Doubell - Fist First

Then, in a strange move, which in the future will be seen as a case study for career sabotage, he wrote a homophobic rant on his Facebook page. His bigotry sent chills down the spine of anyone with an open mind and memories of less liberal times. For many, reading such hateful views can be frightening.

LGBT acceptance is still fairly fragile and far from certain outside city centres. The musical narrative that Bonkas (Bonkas Mix) - EJ Doubell - Fist First us to where we are today began over thirty years ago.

Electronic music emerged from a scene that was alternative, diverse and mostly, very, very gay. Ten Walls? You listening at the back? As with any cultural phenomenon, there are many threads which merge to make a fine tapestry. Disco spawned the driving kick-drum and epitomised the escapism, abandon and release that should be Linda Ronstadt - Greatest Hits Volume Two the heart of any decent dance tune.

Yes, you read that right — Almond is a deserving national treasure now, but back then, he attracted vicious savaging from both the press and public. What many people don't know is that there was a heaving, largely gay orgy in the capacious basement every night! Paradise Garage, however, was something else entirely. That vast space with its incredible soundsystem!

The largely gay, black and Hispanic crowd were totally off-their-tits — mostly on Quaaludes known as 'Ludes. The more leftfield and cheesy the tunes were, the crazier the crowd went. At Pyramid, die-hard leather clones inhaled amyl nitrate with nuclear goths and industrial transvestites. It was dark, cruisey and very weird. Heaven on any night could be unhinged and alarming, but it really climbed the walls midweek.

They slotted in with the imports that were coming from Chicago and Detroit. It was just an extension of the electronic stuff I was already playing. Initially, the tunes were a fusion of Italo, Euro-pop and funk. At Pyramid, the freaks ruled and nervy straight boys grudgingly gave respect to the cutting-edge sounds, with their Gone With The Wind - Elmer Bernstein - Gone With The Wind firmly against the wall.

Frédérica - Charles Trénet* - Intégrale Charles Trénet Vol.

4: Que Reste-t-il De Nos Amours? Moore regrets mentioning this schism. But everyone who went to those clubs has told me off for that. Of course it was important. It was MORE than 30 people. It was over 1, people, packing out at Heaven, midweek. As someone who attended Pyramid religiously, I can Bonkas (Bonkas Mix) - EJ Doubell - Fist First that it was both seminal and heaving. My heroic minute nightbus journey home, followed by a half-hour stagger through sleeping suburbia, was always worth the pain of crawling into bed at Bonkas (Bonkas Mix) - EJ Doubell - Fist Firstcovered in glitter, fag-ash and saliva.

They were completely druggy and amazing. It was definitely the first place in London where there was mass ecstasy taking. Basically, all those on the dancefloor would collapse in unison, often as a response to the floorshow. And that was two years later. He agrees that the gays were raving long before it had a name. I went straight to Groove Records and bought a copy on import the next day. The biggest night that played loads of house music was Pyramid at Heaven where Mark Moore and Colin Faver were residents.

Jungle hosted, I believe, the first-ever house music PA in London. The crowd went crazy. So we put that warning on the door. And two years later those records DID become classics. Inwe were nursing loved ones, fighting bigotry, attending floods of funerals and trying to stay alive and chipper. The edgiest innovators from a wild period of creativity were dying, or had turned to activism in response to a grim pandemic and a ruthless Tory government.

The age of consent for same-sex sexual activity was 21, so at this time, I was effectively jail bait. Marie Franklin - You Aint Changed / Dontcha Bet No Money boyfriends faced prison if we were caught together.

The Second Summer Of Love emerged against this background of oppression and prejudice. Quite frankly, we were busy. We lost a lot of people. AIDS savaged clubland like a rusty scythe. DJs, drag stars, artists, designers and go-go boys either died or went below the radar. Or both. I should have been studying, but I spent more time lost in dry ice than in the books on the syllabus.

On more than one occasion, I dropped ecstasy while attending a funeral wake. It always does, but it was really picking up on the illegal rave scene. James Horrocks, co-creator of React Records, remembers the shift in thinking. Vast swathes of the scene migrated to warehouses to join the raving masses. It was such a sweeping change for the LGBT scene, it was forced to throw out the rule-book. This much was true. It was Bonkas (Bonkas Mix) - EJ Doubell - Fist First dual life of double-dropping and downlow habits.

Occasionally, the two lives would collide under the lasers. Liverpool took to rave in a big way, but Manchester pipped it to the post and became the darling of the music press. The No. Tim Lennox played feel-good piano house on a quadrophonic sound system, to a rocking clan of devotees. Previously scared to come out to my straight mates, the cat was now out of Turbo E - Various - Radikal Tekkno bag and the No.

One night, a bunch of them cheered when I snogged a drug-dealing gangster. Not only had they accepted my sexuality, they were applauding it.

Times were a-changing and E was fuelling the evolution. It was raucous, hedonistic, totally Northern and felt like a city turning its back on prejudice, towards acceptance, in the most thrilling way.

It was a direct reference to AIDS. Flesh was the biggest fight-back to that. The club ran a coach from Liverpool to Flesh and back again. It was a demented mess on wheels. God-knows what the driver made of the transvestites in Bonkas (Bonkas Mix) - EJ Doubell - Fist First and topless lesbians dancing on the seats.

On more than one occasion, when the coach returned from Flesh, White Mountain - Genesis - Trespass (SACD, Album) would stop outside my home on Elwy Street and the tripping, screaming contents of the bus would pile into my Miles & Miles - Yacht - I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler and the party would continue for days.

The epic post-Flesh socials in my Liverpool latty were known as Club Lovestretch. We painted the house in UV graffiti, installed black lights and removed the bannisters, so people could rave on the stairs. I was living in Liverpool, partying in Manchester and returning to London at every opportunity.

I was very busy. We came straight from the founding fathers. It immediately found popularity on the scene and along with the soulful house and garage sound of New York, became the soundtrack of our lives. Both gigs were massive honours.

Laurence Malice and Tim Stabler launched Trade at Turnmills and unlike any club before, it started at 4am on a Sunday morning. Trans beauties, supermodels, international DJs, muscle boys, East End gangsters and A-list celebrities rubbed shoulders and partied en masse, every week, like their lives depended on it. It was full tilt at 8am. Some of those journeys, swerving along the motorway, were a little bit scary.

One only has to listen to his single 'Burning Up', or his remix of 'Hooked' by 99th Floor Elevators to get an idea of his sound. I moved back to Bonkas (Bonkas Mix) - EJ Doubell - Fist First after barely completing my studies, and after a chance encounter with Laurence Malice, wound up working on the door of Trade for five years. In order to get round the Sunday licensing laws, an enormous buffet would greet the still-buzzing gay ravers as they trooped in from Turnmills.

I never saw anybody eat anything, except for the odd pill. Over the years, it moved, first to Bar Rumba, then The End, and finally, it did a major eight-year stint at Fabric on Sunday nights.

I had my very own pillar at The End in between the two dancefloors, next to the toiletswhere you could find me, every Sunday, grinning and clinging onto it for dear life. It regularly attracted over lesbian clubbers.

Jo was a regular in DJ Mag in its early days and her relationship with Skin from Skunk Anansie proved a powerful and gorgeous fusion of rock and house sovereignty.

We set out to offer something unique, yet boutique; a forward-thinking space for women of all sexual persuasions and their gay male friends as guests who appreciated the harder side of dance music and wanted a space without getting 'put on' by straight guys. These clubs ran alongside Trade at Turnmills, as the little sister club.

Laurence Malice was very supportive and helped open many doors for us. The secret to our success was keeping ahead of the pack and offering something different and daring. Because of this approach, we were able to attract a very diverse crowd, who believed they were a part of something that hadn't been done before.


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  1. Jul 30,  · SPECIAL FEATURE: THE GAY DNA OF HOUSE MUSIC. R&B stars and TOWIE types are fist-pumping to EDM with a gusto that’s cheering, but also quite depressing. punters fainted, fled or vomited on a regular basis. Lesbian techno mistress EJ Doubell span fearsome sets that only added to the demonic and highly-charged vibe.
  2. Apr 21,  · Bonkas (Bonkas Mix) Written-By, Producer – Kinky Roland: 2 – DJ Randy: Deception (Original Mix) Written-By, Producer – DJ Randy: 3 – Jon The Dentist: Jacob's Ladder (Original Mix) Written-By, Producer – Jon The Dentist: 4 – The Hypnotist: House Is Mine '96 (Babydoc Remix) Remix – Babydoc* Written-By, Producer – C. Pound*, P. Smith* /5(13).
  3. Aug 07,  · Culture - Favorite Techno song on ecstasy woodwork by mrs wood first techno comperlation produced. fist-if you love me realy love me please hurt me mixed by ej doubell. none of us are saint's by lab 4 (there great live) nu-nrg, captain tinrib live in san fransisco and fish tales volume 4.
  4. Explore releases from EJ Doubell at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from EJ Doubell at the Discogs Marketplace. 3 DJ Mix Add Release; Data Quality. Correct. New. Updated. 65 submissions pending EJ Doubell: Fist First.
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