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How I Could (Vocal) - Sir Bald Diddley And His Right Honourable Big Wigs - Get Ahead Get A Fez!


Download How I Could (Vocal) - Sir Bald Diddley And His Right Honourable Big Wigs - Get Ahead Get A Fez!

What follows are the labels that we've become stuck with, or who are stuck with us. Some of them are deceased, some of them having us do their U. The classic first album from one of the original industrial groups. Color vinyl. UK import. Set Em Up - Various - International Pop Overthrow Vol.

17 2nd album. The real shit. Kinda like the Monarchs without suits. Proudly recorded in mono! Two songs from the album, and two others exclusive to this 7". An amazing debut release from Saltburn's mightiest new talent, with delighfully unadorned but hi-fi production by Sir Bald. This smokes, and then some! Faster, tighter, and more intense than ever surf mania! Intricate, high speed staccato guitar picking, roaring heavy reverb, and a down-n-dirty attitude that never quits make Sir Baldie one of the genre's best performers anywhere!

These guys do both with the fanatical dedication of real purists. All the song titles are funny, pie-related jokes, and the music rips like hell! Can this get crazier? Check How I Could (Vocal) - Sir Bald Diddley And His Right Honourable Big Wigs - Get Ahead Get A Fez!

that long, strange experimental track at the end, too! Absolutely unmissable! Yes it is! All recorded in glorious mono! A wildly fun album! Fearsomely inspired, raw and tough, primitive rock'n'roll raunch!

Two boss and most thunderous instros coupled with 2 raw yelpers. Tough as can be. A blinder, sez Sir Baldie! LP to follow. A monstrous slice of trashy garage, blues, and punk rock stupidity! Husker Du send up cover art. Their first CD after a self-released 7" that caused quite a buzz. For the sartorially obsessed, they wear Beatle wigs, alien antennae, and matching shirts. White How I Could (Vocal) - Sir Bald Diddley And His Right Honourable Big Wigs - Get Ahead Get A Fez!incredible full color cover, Subterranean exclusive.

Japanese import. Some rare studio-tracks, some live material, lots of variety, surprisingly well-done collection! Think noisy, powerful, hammer-headed punk rock. Great playing, great production, catchy tunes. Once again, suitably gory cover photo. Sounds range from Boredoms-like crazyness to funk-core to emo-guitar-noise to grungy metal-oid to prog-jazzness. A great sampling of some of the trends in underground Japanese rock. Packed in a silver foil pouch with a big color sticker on the front.

Wicked wordplay, rockin', jazzy tunes, and that voice of the lounge singer from, well, someplace that's severely wacky. This icon of the alternative universe have acquired an insistent cult reputation through massive airplay across the US and their first 2 self-distributed albums, the initial pressings of which have sold out completely.

Still noisy as hell, but with the unmistakable flavor of the 's. Excellent, unique and not to be missed! Like the other Caroliner albums, this one comes in handmade, all-different packaging, this time wrapped in old discarded clothes! What started off as a book with an LP is now the LP by itself and a printer who absconded I Feel Burnt - Royce - Royce the fundswhere the band plays two very long nearly half-hour songs.

Calliope, grass reeds, violin, accordian, groaning horns, electronics, odd half-heard sounds and minimal, sometimes extremely tortured vocals produce the eeriest, most atmospheric Caroliner album yet. This LP also includes, in barebones form, songs that will eventually turn up on the next 20 LPs.

Recordings go from in-your-lap serenades to microphones hidden under winter coats; packaged in scavenged, ripped apart, silkscreened and re-glued album jackets, with very strange photos glued on front.

The 's weren't this weird, were they? Tiny Tim and stomach grumbles. Authentic San Francisco garbage included in these one-of-a-kind, hand assembled packages. Mostly quiet, definitely non-rock instruments and vocals lurch queasily in and out of noise upchucks, and it's all wrapped in individually-made, marbleized-paint covers.

As always, all packaging is hand made, and each is different. This one comes wrapped in a scavenged diaper disposal bag with glued on Caroliner artwork and enclosed complete but illegible lyrics. These guys are so militantly underground you may not be hip yet, but How I Could (Vocal) - Sir Bald Diddley And His Right Honourable Big Wigs - Get Ahead Get A Fez!

course that's no excuse, now is it? Don't miss out on this! Chills will erupt on top of goosebumps and the "wire spool" reel to reel recording method gives this even more haunt. Multi-tracked and manipulated, you can hear everything from Eastern European vocal chorales to scat singing to Kurt Weill to Tibetan chants to super-intricate multi-part vocal gymnastics, all of which will tend to blow you away. As usual, Lay Off Me - Agathocles / Präparation-H - Eerluk Is Eerluk!

/ Fair Is Fair by Hoppy Kamiyama. These three Japanese girls have a unique thing going on here that's getting a great response from critics, djs and audiences from all over. As bassist Kirilo says, "Kero kero kero is ribit ribit ribit! Please welcome to Planet Frog! This glistens like some deadly jewel.

Very well-produced and appropriately gloomy. Though the band is Japanese, the lyrics are all in English and their pop sensibility and fun-loving vibe will easily win over any listener with a shred of decency. Osaka love-rock with a fuzzbox! Randy Bachman never imagined anything this heavy, noisy and garage-y, and you might need to give your ears a long rest after hearing it. Yeah, you could call it blues, in the sense 王道楽土 (Spellbound Remix) - Microphone Pager - 王道楽土 (改) Cream or Deep Purple were blues.

Massive, thundering guitars. So there. Japanese import, numbered edition of Awesome, gnarly, lo-fi, grungy noise, as filthy and ragin' as you can get! MANWOMAN has got both brains and brawn, combining sophisticated, churning riffs, truly maniacal vocals for that teetering-on-the-edge-of-insanity feeling, and ungodly guitar heroics that slither from metal crunch to acid-soaked wah-wah leads to outright noise. In fact, once you hear this there's no need for any more punk rock, as this is its ultimate expression.

Either that or it is the funniest thing you'll ever hear. Incongruously elegant digipak packaging. Limited edition, of course! G Man's angst-punk. Packed in a hanging baggie with your own little fuzzy deer toy.

G Man, The Lumpens, and lots more. Packed in a special full color double pocket sleeve with Santa tree ornament! Yes, we know it's not Christmas, but what the fuck. Most tracks are previously unreleased, and none have been on CD before. The film is a caustic trash trilogy of dark-comedy tales about the pointless pursuit of fame.

Check it out! Features members of Tilt and the Potatomen while sounding like neither; comparisons run to Crimpshrine and early Jawbreaker. Perfect listening for the desperate, introspective skate-rat who attempts to shoplift copies of Cometbus. CD includesh their three 7" releases. One is a Dick Dale cover. Their debut EP is already a collectors' item, so Walpurgisnacht - Death SS - Heavy Demons out!

Four tunes with lyrics reflecting a wonderfully offbeat view of life. Tight, powerful playing, memorable tunes, and sizzlin' hot production. What more could you want? Their 2nd album, this has 14 songs by these Vancouver crazies to get you jumping. A new US tour is in progress now! Bil does everything except drums, which were handled by Tommy from Gob. White vinyl and very limited! Six songs with hooks you can hang your hat on.


Pounding - Eric (Sebadoh Founder Circa 1988)* - Face Of Man (File), Te Quiero, Te Amo - Orquesta Mondragón - Muñeca Hinchable, Whereabouts - Stevie Wonder - In Square Circle, A Walk Threw The Big City - Various - Greenearth Vol.3


  1. Sir Bald Diddley & His Wig-Outs (1) Sir Bald Diddley And His Right Honourable Big Wigs (1) Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1) Sleepy John Estes (1) Smoky baby (1) Southern Culture On the Skids (4) Space Drugs (1) Spar Plugs (1) Sreaming Pijas (1) Stactor Mcgee (1) Stinky Lou And The Goon Mat With Lord Benardo (1) Straight Arrows (1) Strange Flowers (1) Strange Hands (1) Subtitles (1).
  2. 53 - Sir Bald Diddley & His Right Honourable Big Wigs - Chaeto. 54 - Slim Slip & The Sliders - Good Show, But No Go. 55 - Dean & Jean - Oh Yeah. 56 - Jack Baymoore - Fireball Roberts. 57 - Jerry Bradford & The Spades - Hey! Hey! Hey! 58 - Mark Kelf & The Valley Boys - Buzz Boom. 59 - The Texabilly Rockets - Doggone Fool.
  3. Ótimo músico com sua sonoridade voltada ao rockabilly, garage rock e outros sons revival. Sir Bald Diddley & His Right Honourable Big Wigs - Get Ahead Get A Fez!.
  4. Check out Chrome Dome by Sir Bald Diddley & His Wig-Outs on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo
  5. Listen to your favorite songs from To Baldly Go by Sir Bald Diddley & His Wig-Outs Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.
  6. SIR BALD DIDDLEY AND HIS RIGHT HONOURABLE BIG WIGS "Get Ahead, Get a Fez!" WIGLP 10" $ Eight rippin' instrumentals and two vocal numbers recorded in early Faster, tighter, and more intense than ever surf mania! UK import. SIR BALD DIDDLEY AND HIS RIGHT HONOURABLE BIG WIGS "More Live!" WIG 7" $

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