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Annihilation, Part II: Transfugium - Vladimír Hirsch* - New Laws / New Orders

Label: CatchArrow Recordings - Catch 033b • Format: CDr Album, Limited Edition • Country: Czech Republic • Genre: Electronic, Classical • Style: Industrial, Neo-Classical, Experimental
Download Annihilation, Part II: Transfugium - Vladimír Hirsch* - New Laws / New Orders

The album is based on a Jérusalem - François Deguelt - Cest Noël À Paris experience during apocalyptic war catastrophe, perceived from the position of a Annihilation imprisoned in the bunker.

In epic form, it consists in descriptions of his feelings, memories, fears, visions and expectation of inevitable in echoes of devastating actions on the surface, as though, all sonically interpretated by the ground. Conceptual composition, working - in terms of sound conception and metaphorically - a study of voluminal properties of sound and their hporizontal interactions of time and space.

Studio participation by Czech Integrated Ensemble - strings, brasses, percussion. Both of compostions are experimental works, based on similar compositional and technological processes, consisting in temporal and spatial variations blending of musical themes with an important role of ambient structures in the position of anchoring, however billowing matrix.

There are used methods of antithetical, parametric or aleatoric articulation of sub-themes, which are more expressed in the title project. This is why both compositions form naturally an organic whole, notwithstanding the fact they remain thematically different.

The collection combines unpublished tracks or adjusted versions of previously released material. All tracks revisited, re-recorded and remixed at CatchArrow Recordings studio, Prague, Czechia, Index: Cats On The Rooftop, op.

Ambiguamente 18 II. Espressivo 19 III. Album in cosmogonic Wide open space, but replete of dense and compressed atmosphere, microtonality and intense insight into amorphic harmonic structures. The Japanese text is highly experimental, uncompromising, and intense, written in a style that not only breaks with tradition, but severs all cords with it, embracing the mayhem of the digital age.

Lyrics: St. Augustine, Raccolta Enchiridion Indulgentiarum. The compositions have a deep ambience with immersive emotional perceptions, without sparing any intensity and urgency. Listeners are drawn inside an introspective journey within a tempestous and submerged world together. The project is - both thematically and in means of expression - significantly related to Missa Armata with character of rites as the main axis of both compositions. As such, both projects both were included on one album and released inthus more than 10 yeras after their origin.

Recording : Missa Armata. Mastered .Or Whatever (Drum Solo) - SBB - Nastroje V.

An extensive contemporary classical Banda Do Zé - Marinês E Sua Gente* - Marinês E Sua Gente framework, keeping all typical attributes of integrated compositional techniques, based on electroacoustic and digital sound manipulation of classical instrumentation.

The theme of the album constitutes a fictive thymogenic surgical-sound intervention of the brain to manipulate the emotions through a synthetic bridge, transferring artificial particles Another You (Headhunterz Remix) - Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance At Ushuaïa, Ibiza 2015 substitution of natural structures of the tissue.

The music — contemporary classical in its base, with an industrial and dark ambient tint - flows from sacred choral motifs and sorrowful violins surrounded by calm War Inside My Head - Suicidal Tendencies - War Inside My Head through moments of pain and inner tension to dramatic eruptions of passion, violence and victorious hunts of percussion, clanging metal, flightly and nervous pianos, disturbing string inputs and ostinato, ominous rhythms with rich structuralized sound.

Intense, religious and carefully constructed leaving no loose ends. Mass for elctronics and integrated technniques, op. Participation: Tom Saivon - additional sounds, lyrics, Timothy Simmons - spoken word. Video artist: Marianna Ostrovskaya - videomontage and editing. The composition is based on standard catholic liturgical elements, except final "Exodus" and without verbal singing of appropriate liturgical text.

The music demonstrates a highly structured industrial sound combined with classical instrumentation. It is not a Mass itself, but rather, a narrative about the communication between its contentand the listeners' state of mind.

Parallel to this, the album expresses a Part II: Transfugium - Vladimír Hirsch* - New Laws / New Orders war story, where adversaries are forced to participate in a worship together. It was completely revisited in and renamed as "Cryptosynaxis" hidden worship in ancient Greek. Inthe composition was modified and adapted for audiovisual perfomance.

Synchronized videomontage was created by Marianna Ostrovskaya. Audiovisual version, that narrates between the holy and profane, Part II: Transfugium - Vladimír Hirsch* - New Laws / New Orders and darkness, order and chaos, was released on DVD in the autumn by Integrated Music Records.

This version is strict and uncompromising, demonstrating a highly structured industrial sound combined with classical instrumentation and choirs, achingly electrifying noises and power-electronic force and energy.

This version was finally released on CD together with similar composition "Invocationes" Part II: Transfugium - Vladimír Hirsch* - New Laws / New Orders Ars Benevola Mater label in Thematic album for integrated techiniques, op.

Participation: Tom Saivon - additional sounds. An abstract conception of the confrontation between the surreal and real world artificial ambient Part II: Transfugium - Vladimír Hirsch* - New Laws / New Orders realistic industrial sound. The meditative character of the compositions is brightened by discharges of a kind of radioactive irradiation, representing the fleeing moments of understanding.

In eas created revisited version of the album with the name "Underlying Scapes". This version released by Ars Benevola Mater in in limited edition only for subscribers, that ordered Annihilation box "The Assent To Paradoxon" before 31st March A suite in the spirit of integrated music focusing on confrontation of spiritual and materialistic world, traditional for the composer.

Musical themes of modern classic and ambient clash with periodically repeating elements of fashionable trends of pop music and attack their rhythmic, structures and melodies. They become their inner destructive agent and challenge of tattiness and Carried Away - Islands - Should I Remain Here At Sea?/Taste degradation of human feeling, governing the conventional Part II: Transfugium - Vladimír Hirsch* - New Laws / New Orders.

It is obvious though that the tout ensemble is skeptical as the end states sadness from status quo, loneliness and weakness of the individual, e. Symphony for integrated orchestra and choir, op. Musicians: Czech integrated ensemble and choir, conducted by author. Mastered by Vojt. Recordings : Symphony No. After Expiry 2 Part II.

The Descent 4 Part IV. Entombment 6 Part VI. Apotheosis 7 Part VII. Die Kreuzabnahme 4 Part IV. Der Weg vom Golgotha 5 Part V. Thematic album for integrated ensemble, choir and solo vocals, op. Produced by Tom Saivon. An extent work 79 min. The composition describes relatively exactly all phases of it, beeing divided into two, seemingly thematically antagonistic parts complementary-affirmatorywhich are but indiscerptible compounds of natural contemplative process.

Particular periods are represented by subsections, which are continuously merged each into Part II: Transfugium - Vladimír Hirsch* - New Laws / New Orders.

The album is an intense musical dialogue between space and detail, a kind of transcription of the relation between human and cosmos, the fight and reconcilliation of intrinsic and extrinsic, real and surreal world. Reception of this opus, expressed with very high autenticity and exposed emmotions, needs absolute concetration and submersion of receiving subject, then really the state, similar to mystical contemplation.

A collection of scenic works, adapted as fully conceptual album, originally composed or arranged for theatre performances in the period between and Rewritten, restructuralized, rearranged and remixed in Mastered by Jan Seibt. Revocation of the theme of exorcisms op. Participation: Dawn Hermosa vocal, lyrics. Studio remix and application of concert program as fully conceptual album with the theme of creationist paralells between the nascency of cosmos and human.

This work is initially an extensive composition in quasi-oratorial form, in final version abbreviated and restructuralised. Classical form is here only in contours. Opus is characterised by thematic spurts, erupting in desultory pulses and, exhausted, dying away in a mass of industrial sounds, without consequent ending of idea. The industrial matrix is also a space and energy source for volcanic activity proper.

The solo role of the organ is surprisingly not dominant and its parts are often taken over by other instruments. The reworked second version live and studio of the project is markedly shorter, placing more emphasis on systematic approach to its theme, without essentially influencing the above said basic qualities of the opus.

Ouverture 2 Part II. Essai 3 Part III. Album of compositions for synthesizers, drums, percussions and digital technique, op. It is an attempt to detect or prove the existence of a certain order in illusory chaos. To this purpose he uses signals of intervals, rhythm, structure and instrumentation logic. Album content rearranged excerpts, abbreviated or adapted versions of compositions. Special digipack of 2 CDRs with total time minutes.

Mass for integrated ensemble and female vocal, op. The album is adapted into the formal structure of a classical mass with all liturgical parts. Hirsch, D. Thematic album, op. Contrary to the preceding projects of similar orientation, this album one no longer sounds like methodical entertainment, mainly thanks to its unifying, more serious thought conception.

The music schame is basically rock, combined with sampled loops. The melodramatic form, the athmospere full of anxiety, expressive poetry and compact sound of the album makes it an original expression. Notice: first version of the album was titled "Dream Monsters Exorcism". It was recorded under the name I Like To Live The Love - The Chi-Lites - Toby Squeeze".

Symphony for integrated orchestra, organ and percussions with sub-title "Sinfonia integra per orchestra, organo e percussione", op.

Symphony No. It gives us a pitiless image of its chaos, paradoxically serving itself as an excuse for the soulless stereotypes of life, a cheap apology of the absence of blame for it. The author does not avoid a certain level of cruelty here, yet it fully corresponds to the necessary level of intensity of warning, which should be heard in a strong emotionally hypo-acoustic environment.

The pitiless view is documented by a highly martial character of the individual, mostly short meter movements.


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  6. SKROL is a martial industrial band, formed in It consists of composer and keyboard player Vladimír Hirsch, singer Martina Sanollová and a non performing member, Tom Saivon, who provides noise structures and lyrics and video artist Marianna Auster (since ). NEW LAWS / NEW ORDERS.
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  8. "Scripta Soli" (Zápisky země) je tématické album pro integrované techniky a terénní zvukové záznamy. Hudebníci a spolupracovníci: Vladimír Hirsch - elektronické klávesové nástroje, syntezátory, samplery, klavír, digitální technologie, terénní nahrávky, mluvené slovo; Nadya Feir - zpěv, Dominika Karčovská - zpěv (soprán), Tom Saivon - produkce Tom Saivon.

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